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Forecast for Surgutneftegaz shares for September 2019.

Greetings! Since September, Surgutneftegaz shares have been in the spotlight, which means it’s a great time to trade.

What happened to the company in September? The fact is that the company has about 3 trillion rubles in foreign currency on bank deposits. The company receives a small percentage of this money and pays dividends. The company itself is valued, judging by its shares, more than 2 times cheaper than the money it has. Here’s a thing.

It is important to note that interest on deposits overlaps with income from operating activities. Oil, gas – this is all nonsense, the main thing is deposits.

So, Surgutneftegaz created a subsidiary company LLC “Rion” in order to invest its money and receive a higher percentage on it. It became known just at the beginning of September and the actions reacted:

The action became a hit parade, drawing attention to itself. This is what I need to trade.

There is a fundamental idea that resonated with the market. Now there is a technical signal for trend trading:

The small stop loss results in an excellent risk / reward ratio of 1/4.

Risk = 1%. Stop 34,000, profit about 39,000.


Now you can tighten your stop and cut the potential risk in half:


I take 2% of the profit:

Something is moving slowly, a decrease is quite possible. I decided not to risk it and to close what is.

Not an investment recommendation. The author is not an investment advisor.

Author: Ivan Mochalov.

Criticism, thanks and questions in the comments are welcome! :))


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