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exchange rates, rates and inflation

Last week, the ruble strengthened against the dollar by 0.8%, on Friday trading closed at 73.36
Against the euro, the exchange rate appreciated by 0.12% to 87.81
Since the beginning of the year, we have seen a strengthening of the ruble by 1.88% against the dollar and by 3.75% against the euro.
The euro / dollar exchange rate practically did not change, on Friday trading on the Moscow Exchange closed at 1.1916

Money Market Indicators: Currency Rates, Rates and Inflation

Current key rates:
– Eurozone, refinancing rate (ECB) 0%
– US Federal Reserve rate 0-0.25%
– Key rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation 4.25%

Inflation month on month in February:
– Eurozone 0.2% (0.9% from last February)
– USA 0.4% (1.7% from last February)
– Russia 0.78% (5.7% from last February)

Mark Savichenko

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