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Economic Digest 01/10/2021

The dollar / ruble pair fell last week and closed at 74.155. In the medium term, the pair may be in wave 3 of the terminal diagonal triangle with 86, which is C in flat. Long-term markup options are here. The net long speculative position in the ruble futures fell by 1,300 from 2,100 to 800. The RTS index rose and closed at 1466.5, there is every reason to believe that it has already completed wave E of the triangle since 2008 (long-term counting here, medium-term counting here ). The Russian government bond index (RGBI-tr) also rose, setting a new all-time high (623.47) and closing at 622.8. For more details, see the Weekly Results program.

World markets

Oil I believe that the lows of the 4-year cycle have already been established and a long-term upward reversal has occurred. The number of operating towers in the US increased from 267 to 275. The net volume of long speculative positions last week increased by 6,900, from 511,700 to 518,600. In my opinion, the impulse from the April lows is complete, there is a correction in completed and the third is already underway). The week closed with WTI – 52.73, Brent – 56.25.

Euro / dollar (EUR / USD) finished wave A in a circle at Y (counting here) in the long-term counting, and is moving in wave B in a circle at Y. Close of the week – 1.22122.

S&P Index Futures finished flat correction (markup here). Now the first wave of the upward impulse is over, the second is in progress. Closing of the week – 3822.

Gold is in wave B in a circle (in a flat correction) in the long-term counting (there is a possibility that it has already completed it). Its wave B (or X) was a triangle, and it is already moving in wave C (or has finished it, the mid-term counting is here). Closing of the week – 1849.6.

Bitcoin is either in 3 in 3 in 5, or in 1 in 5, in the near future I am expecting a medium-term correction.

RUH666 (founder of ryukhism)


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