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ECB President Christine Lagarde Calls For Global Regulation Of “Reprobable” Bitcoin

European Central Bank Governor Christine Lagarde has called for global regulation of bitcoin, calling the cryptocurrency “reprehensible.” Lagarde made the comments during the Reuters Next conference earlier today, during which she stated that Bitcoin is not a currency. “If you look at the most recent upward developments, and now the recent downward trend … those who thought it might turn into a currency are terribly sorry, but this is an asset and it is a very speculative asset,” she said. …

The former head of the IMF, who was previously found guilty of financial negligence by a French court in connection with a 403 million euro arbitration deal in favor of businessman Bernard Tapi, accused Bitcoin of being actively involved in criminal activities. “(Bitcoin) has accompanied some fun businesses and some interesting and downright reprehensible money laundering activities,” Lagarde said. The head of the ECB has called for the regulation of Bitcoin by the financial authorities. “There must be regulation. This must be applied and consistent […] at the global level, because if there are loopholes, they will be exploited, ”she said.

Globalists and technocrats have long complained about Bitcoin because it is decentralized and therefore cannot be controlled by centralized financial institutions. Cryptocurrency has also become a haven for dissidents who are politically deprived of the opportunity to use financial services and institutions.

Bitcoin recently soared to an all-time high, surpassing $ 41,000, but has since fallen to around $ 35,000. After hitting an all-time high of over $ 17,000 at the end of 2017, the cryptocurrency dropped to around $ 3,000, highlighting the asset’s wild volatility. However, numerous analysts predict that surging debt, record money printing, and hyperinflation could push Bitcoin to hundreds of thousands over the next year.

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