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Dynamics of the ruble and currencies of developing countries

Dynamics of the ruble and currencies of developing countries

Despite some growth in oil, the ruble weakened last week. The main factor could be news of a possible resumption of the military conflict in the east of Ukraine.
• The ruble fell 1.09% against the dollar, trading closed at Friday
• 76.4775 USD / RUB
• Against the euro, the ruble depreciated by 0.8% to 89.9525 EUR / RUB
• Against the yuan, the ruble is down 0.62% to 11.64 CNY / RUB

Since the beginning of the year, the ruble has lost 2.77% against the dollar, 1.68% against the yuan, and has strengthened by 1.71% against the euro.

Emerging market currencies showed multidirectional dynamics:
• Brazilian real is up 0.85% (9.9% YTD)
• The Mexican peso is down 1.89% (1.97 YTD)
• Yuan is down 0.44% (1.11% YTD)
• The South Korean won is up 1.78% (2.02% YTD)
• South African rand is up 2.32% (-0.26% YTD)

The dollar index (the value of the dollar against 6 major world currencies) decreased by 0.3%.

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