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Donald Trump instructed to introduce the National Guard to pacify his supporters

Trump supporters broke into the Capitol Building today and disrupted the official announcement of the results of the US presidential election. The guards had to evacuate Vice President Mike Pence, who, according to the procedure, was supposed to announce the victory of Joe Biden. What about Trump? He continues to bang on the keys, tweeting that he does not admit defeat in the election.

But as soon as his supporters took the government building by storm, he immediately decided to distance himself from them, introducing the National Guard into Washington and calling on the crowd, warmed up by his own speeches, to act peacefully and support the police. Which he of course tweeted about. {#lol}

“Please support our metropolitan police and law enforcement agencies. They are truly on the side of our country. Stay peaceful!” He addressed the protesters.

Well, let’s see how it all ends. In the meantime, I decided to play it safe and closed most of the positions on my accounts.

In plans: sale of shares of American companies and stock indices, tk. these events could be the catalyst for a market crash.

It will also be possible to look for entry points to open longs for gold.


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