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Dog (DOGE) was sent into space again

They decided to celebrate the year of the bull in the cryptocurrency market in a very original way: the DOGE shitcoin was loaded aboard the shuttle Elon Musk and sent into space.

The SpaceX CEO’s involvement in the event is indicated by his tweet with red shorts featuring a dog’s face.

Elon’s followers took this message as a call to action and started buying DogeCoin. {#woodpecker}

Some fans even promised to buy Tesla if this shitcoin rises to $ 1. I can’t even imagine where they get such prices, so I will put forward a fantastic hypothesis: perhaps the smoke from smoking hemp is transmitted through communication channels and causes hallucinations in teslophiles. {#lol}

Should you buy Dogecoin at current prices?

I will refrain from shopping as I think that the cost of Dogecoin is clearly overstated and there are more promising projects with a much smaller capitalization in which you can invest money.


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