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Dispersed the deposit from 100 thousand to 260 thousand

Greetings! Today I took a little profit on the collapse of gold.

gold profit

Took a profit of 153 pips, but then went short again and grabbed a loss of 40 pips. It’s sad.

Gold today began to slowly taxi out of the multi-day flat and it made me happy, because it gave me a profit.

As you remember, I leaked my deposit, which dispersed from 100 thousand to 850 thousand. After that, I poured another 100 thousand into the same account and began to overclock it. I brought it up to 260 thousand, then the account dropped to 220 thousand rubles and I decided to stop, because in services such as myfxbook and mql5, the account is not displayed as starting from 100 thousand, so the percentage of profit is displayed incorrectly. So I decided to create a new account and train on it.

from 100 thousand to 260 thousand

The new account almost immediately went to a loss – at first it became 80 thousand, then 75 thousand, then more than 60 and finally – 35,000. That is, almost 70% was drained. But, I did not lose heart, but continued to trade and brought the deposit back to 50 thousand, then against the background of the profit made on gold on Monday I brought it to 85,000 rubles. At the moment, the account balance is 73 thousand rubles. There are still a lot of pips to take to win back. Well, we will work.


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