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Complication of the correction for the euro

Timeframe: 1D, 4H, 1H

Long from a free update a month ago did not bring a positive result, unfortunately: vk.com/wall-124328009_21342. But the entrance allowed himself to lose heart in time.

As I said in the headline, the correction for the euro has become more complex, and there are more options for VA from this. I tried to show the whole situation in a complex on the graphs below. On the one hand, now there is a very strong position in terms of technology – all global trend supports converge, and therefore the uptrend can continue from the current values. On the other hand, according to the VA norms, there is room for further correction – to the 38% -62% blue fib, after which, again, the uptrend will resume.

In short, the euro is looking up anyway, all that remains is to find approximate reversal levels. It makes no sense to trade the euro in isolation from the context, so I focus on related instruments and additional filters. Come to the webinar tomorrow at 19:00 Moscow time, and there I will chew it all up in detail.

Complication of the correction for the euro
Complication of the correction for the euro


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