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Buy on expectations, sell on news. Stock Trader Diary

The inauguration of US President Joe Biden took place under the heavy protection of the National Guard. The traditionally joyous event, usually held with pomp and marching bands, has been thwarted by a dual threat: coronavirus and civil unrest.

• Asian stocks rose to new highs today. The leaders are the Shenzhen 100 Index: + 4.19%. Chinese speculators hope for additional economic stimulus from US President Joe Biden, who took office yesterday, who intends to compensate with financial injections for the damage done to the American economy by the COVID-19 pandemic. Reuters …
• South Korean and Taiwanese stocks jumped on Thursday after upbeat export data were released.
• The Sensex Index (+ 0.65%) in Bombay (India) also hit its all-time high today. In addition to global incentives, the deal on the purchase of the Indian retailer Future Group (+ 5%) by the largest Indian industrial holding Reliance Industries (+ 2.3%) for $ 3.4 billion was received positively.
• At the same time, the medium-term consequence of the expected soft monetary policy of the United States will be the loss of the dollar’s current parity to the basket of world currencies, in favor of the euro, yen and currencies of developing countries.
• In general, it seems that the scenario is being implemented on Wall Street – buy on expectations (of the new US president’s assumption of office), sell on facts.

• In Russia, the trend towards a decrease in the number of private companies and individual entrepreneurs, and small businesses in general, continues. Vedomosti …
• About half of Russia’s GDP is produced by state-owned companies. Vedomosti …


• Day traders / speculators: no positions.
• Positionally: close medium-term positions.
• For long-term investment purposes, purchase
Bonds: OFZ-IN of issues 52001, 52002, 52003.
Shares: Polymetal, Severstal, MMK, NLMK, RusAl, Acron, PhosAgro, VSMPO Avisma, Moscow Exchange, Yandex, Mail.ru, AFK Sistema, Surgutneftegaz, Surgutneftegaz prev., NOVATEK, Magnit, Lenta, Gazpromneft, Petropavlovsk (POGR) Mosenergo, RusGiro, Unipro, InterRAO.


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