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Brought my demo account up to 700000r

So, today is a great day – my demo account has increased to 700,000 rubles. I remind you that I started with 100,000 rubles in November. Of course, in the beginning there was a high-risk trade on sp500, which would have nullified my deposit when the price went against me, but a miracle happened and I made a profit that more than doubled my deposit. After that, I did not risk so much and traded with low risk. So gradually the depictor increased to 700,000.
The last major gold deal was

profit on gold forex

I entered a short, the price went in my direction and I opened another short, the cumulative stop loss was short and cost me as much as one stop loss in some transactions in gold. It is very profitable. In the morning I woke up – bababah! The profit poured in, I immediately fixed it. As a result, +176 pips and +160 pips profit on two trades.

Everything is fine on the demo, but on real life everything sucks – I leaked again. 4000r was fucked, well, the price doesn’t want to go in my direction, or I’m tilting. In terms of gold, basically, I lost the lion’s share of the Deppchik. I filled it in 4 times for 1000r and lost it all the times. Once I entered the gold correctly, short, the price went in my direction by 41 pips, but since it turned around and went 41 pips against me, all this time I watched the profits drain away. Then he opened long on the high and got a stop too. I told myself – do not trade gold on small depositors in real life, it will kill the deposit. But the low volatility and the lack of good patterns on currencies pissed me off and I went into gold.
I lost my last money on real, I think I won’t trade on real for a few more weeks.
Eh, I would find an investor who would invest from 100,000 rubles, then I would trade calmly and measuredly, with low risk and make good profits.


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