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Briefly about the public debt. You borrow more because you pay less

There are many discussions about the growing global debt, primarily the public debt of developed countries. These are discussions of varying degrees of anxiety. However, they cause concern among investors and among the expert community. Treasury ministries and central banks themselves are calm about the accumulation of debt. And here is an illustration of the reasons for calmness. Using the example of 5 countries, we can see that in 4 of them the national debt from the first pre-crisis period (2007) to the present day has grown by an average of 60%, while the total cost of servicing it in the same countries has decreased.

In a nutshell: you borrow more because you pay less. The design over the years of its existence, it would seem, has become predictable and adjustable. However, the longer the leverage, the more wobbly this design becomes. Because even a slight rise in inflation or the price of money makes debt refinancing dramatically and possibly critically more expensive.

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