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Brent crude

Brent is still forming a wave [c] of [2], in which the wave is forming [v]

Locally in the wave [v] the formation of the internal wave iv has completed, wave v is being formed, which will update the buy fractal at the level of 57.42 dollars. Then at least a strong correction is expected

Brent crude
Long-term wave V develops along the structure of the final diagonal, which will consist of zigzags in the direction of $ 10 and below.
Brent crude

Alternative: assumes that in April 2020, the global cycle of decline within the framework of wave II of the super cycle ended and now the growth has begun within the framework of wave III of the super cycle, provided that the inflationary scenario is realized. In this case, wave (1) ended in April 2020, a correction to growth within wave (2) began, but not much below 35 bucks, after which there will be a jump above 80-100 bucks.


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