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Bad day – grabbed a huge stop loss

I held long on gold and hoped that the price would move to 1960, and then to 2000, but something went wrong and the price tilted and began to fall. “It’s okay,” I thought, “it will continue to grow soon.” But then I myself saw bearish signals and, in theory, should have followed them. I posted them myself in a couple of chats. But, what a fool! DID NOT follow them and ended up grabbing a giant stop loss. Not only was the stop itself large – about 80 pips, but I also caught the slippage. As a result, 100 pips stop-loss is in the account. After that, I also rolled over to short, the price slightly went in my direction, but then knocked out the stop loss – also large – 60 pips.

loss gold

But after the breakdown of the red support line, I was already ready to close the position with a small loss or even profit, but I was too tired to think that the price had already dropped too low, so I didn’t close and turn over. As a result, the loss is huge.

But it all started so well – the pocket was filled with profit, I was already hoping for further growth. Now I need a movement of 300-400 pips, or even more, in order to recoup these losses and gain profit. It’s sad!


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