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Apple stock forecast for October 2019

Greetings! Another interesting situation has ripened, which cannot be missed! Apple shares are on the air!

Recently, there was a presentation of new apple products, which, as usual, received ambiguous assessments from gadget lovers. The actions reacted as follows:

The presentation provided a sharp jump in cost, either due to good products, or due to drawing attention to the company … In general, this is not very important, the main thing is that now the company is in the spotlight, and new products are able to maintain interest for some it’s time.

After the reaction to the presentation, a triangle formed, which has successfully broken through today:

Again, three important factors in one place: an informational reason, an uptrend (the stocks are very close to their highs) and a technical signal. Therefore, buying immediately from the opening at 220.90. The risk is not more than 1%. Stop for the bottom line of the pattern, that is, at 217.00.

It is more difficult with a profit, since we are next to the highs:

I will watch as the play progresses, when to go out, and, if possible, tighten my feet.


I think that in a positive case, prices will not return to the opening level. And if they come back, I don’t want to come back with them)) Therefore, breakeven:

We come to the first important level, marked it with a blue line. Most likely I will stand up to the second goal, since there is already a breakeven.


It’s a shame, but after the first target, the quotes returned to the opening level:

Therefore, only breakeven …

Not an investment recommendation. The author is not an investment advisor.

Author: Ivan Mochalov.

Criticism, thanks and questions in the comments are welcome! :))


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