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Anton Titov, Director of OR GROUP, talks about the new store format

Westfalika as a department store, a marketplace that combines online and offline.

– In 2020, the company refurbished the entire chain of stores, greatly increased the capacity of outlets, which made it possible to significantly expand the range.

– Now Westfalika is a full-fledged department store, which is especially in demand in the street format, in small towns, since it covers quite large needs of our customers.

– The “Westfalika – one-stop shop” format is a continuation of the Westfalika.ru online marketplace, only in retail format. At any time, you can place an additional order for any product with delivery to the point of sale. This expands the range of stores and increases the availability of many products.

“Despite the fact that Westfalika is now a one-stop shop, we present large collections of women’s and men’s shoes, apparel and accessories.

– The company makes more frequent changes and rotation of the assortment. If earlier we presented seasonal collections every six months: spring-summer and autumn-winter, now for each month we form an assortment matrix. Now we have 12 seasons a year. More frequent product rotation allows us to capture seasonal fluctuations, short-term surges in demand for certain products.

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