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Accounts worth opening. Rodelen, RAS, 2020

Comparison of accounting indicators for 2020 and 2019 (hereinafter, key indicators in thousand rubles for the same period of 2019 will be indicated in brackets).

Net profit💰
96,759 (62,526) + 54.8%

Equity capital💼
276 889 (180 129) + 53.7%

761,535 (771,077) -1.23%

Borrowed funds🏦
900,157 (905,852) -0.62%

🔘 Balance of lease payments, RUB bln. – 2.1
🔘Balance of outstanding loans, mln. Rub. – 900
🔘Coeff. payments / debt = 2.2

During the reporting period, we improved Net Income and Equity.🔝
The indicator Borrowed funds remained at the level of the previous year (together with the indicator Remaining payments of 2 billion rubles)
The company’s revenue slightly decreased due to early redemptions and shipments, which mainly took place in the second half of the year.

We have not achieved all of our goals in a difficult 2020. But at the same time, we did a lot of quality work. And she brought good results❗️

Moving on!

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LK Rodelin

Full reporting for review is posted on the company’s website in the Investors section – Information Disclosure⬇️
Investing in leasing companies (rodelen.ru)

The numbers look strong.

LK Rodelen is one of the first leasing companies in the retail bond market. The first issue of Rodelin bonds started back in 2018 and is currently repaid through depreciation by almost 4/5.

/ Bonds of LK Rodelen are included in PRObonds portfolios for 1% of assets /


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