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+80 pp on the breakout of the morning range for Gazprom

Greetings! Another plus deal – this time Gazprom and a very small range, the breakdown of which was taken on the first try. This is how it looks on the chart:

Click to enlarge.

Worked out on the GZH0 futures. As a result, it turned out to close 80 pp for the initial volume. The first third was closed by +37 pp, the second third by 100 pp and the remaining part by 104 pp. The stop was 15 pips and the risk of profit was 1 in 5.

This is what the graph looks like for the last days:

Click to enlarge.

This time there was no trend, Gazprom was stuck in a big sideways trend. But over the weekend, there was enough news on sanctions, the suspension of the construction of the Nord Stream, as a result, the shares opened with a big gap down and traded in one place for 2 hours. I had two options in my head: either we will break down and go further on the news, or the news has already been won back and the rollback will go up. The last option was implemented.

That’s all for now!

Criticism, thanks and questions in the comments are welcome! :))


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