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+133 profit points at the opening on the Moscow Exchange shares

Greetings! Within 10 minutes after the market opened, it was possible to take 133 pp of profit (on average for the initial volume) on shares of the Moscow Exchange. Of course, I was lucky: I expected to stay in the deal all day, but prices flew away instantly!

Traded a breakout of the range with a clear upper border, which has already been approached 3 times I watched the instrument last night, expecting to break out a couple of hours before the close of the session. But the breakdown did not happen, so they closed near the border. But today they opened just above it, and after a few seconds I entered:

Click to enlarge.

The glass at the opening was empty, someone bought a large volume at the market and took all the limits up to 110 rubles, so a sharp spire appeared upward, but I did not have time to close it, unfortunately. It can be clearly seen on the one-minute chart:

Click to enlarge.

While buying continued, I began to take in part of the profit. Then, the order book rested on 25,000 sell lots, and I closed the remaining volume. It all took 10 minutes! 🙂

This is what a 15 minute chart looks like:

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This was a breakout of the range in the direction of the trend.

That’s all, good trades, bye!

Criticism, thanks and questions in the comments are welcome! :))


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