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+104 pp impulse for AFK Sistema shares

Greetings! Yesterday we managed to take another breakdown of the range and close +104 pips for the initial volume. Traded shares of AFK Sistema (in December for them), regularly draws good signals!

We look at the deal on the chart:

The momentum passed in the first minutes of trading, where I closed most of the position. I thought that during the day prices would continue to rise, but it did not happen – they dropped almost to the entry level (almost closed the balance at breakeven) and only returned up in the evening. Before the close of the session, the balance was fixed.

Minute chart:

The final target was the level 15300, which, unfortunately, did not go down to.

Events take place within a large sideways trend after an uptrend. The whole picture:

That’s all. Happy New Year! Until!

Criticism, thanks and questions in the comments are welcome! :))


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