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πŸ›’ RUSSNEFT !! What’s going on with her?

The people are interested in what is there about Russneft? Yes, everything is simple, there is a flood in full, they are selling NPF Safmar, physicists are selling additionally because of fears of bankruptcy, in recent days, turnovers have even begun to grow. To enter such a company in a long, without a motherwort, I highly do not recommend.

Well, if you really want to participate in this idea, then allocate no more than 10% from the depot, well, a maximum of 15%. It is possible that you can say goodbye to them, it will be like a one-way train. What am I doing in this situation? I buy it in addition for 150 rubles. per share., the average for it at the moment without adding 192 per share. The idea is until 2022 at least, the main thing is that the oil is above $ 50 per barrel, and it is better that the ruble bar per barrel is 5000 rubles.



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