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😱😱😱 What STRESSES me as a TRADER?

What bothers me as a trader? Firstly, this is the growing yields on American bonds, and after that, and quite soon the rate hike both in the USA and in Russia. At the same time, the NASDAQ technological index will definitely go even lower. It is frustrating that many newbies have come to the stock market and can be lynched very quickly. Together with many who have scored mortgages and not even one at cutting rates, which have already ended. So, incomes are still not growing, and food inflation is gaining momentum from food to building materials, etc., businessmen’s margin fell, and they also went to the stock exchange for “easy money.” Time will tell how this will end … As for the mortgages with non-profitable incomes, I have before my eyes a film – “The Falling Game” where Mike meets a stripper who took out a mortgage on five real estate objects. The stripper sees nothing wrong with this because the mortgage broker told her that she can always refinance her loans when prices go up and real estate always goes up …



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