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πŸ“ˆ RTS – breaking through the double top? We must call Lavrov and Solovyov to ask! πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

The RTS Index was notable for the big players. Everyone saw the ISU, but first they put them in short and then quickly bought everything back, hello to Lavrov and Solovyov. In general, oil is growing in principle without a rollback, I see the edge on it $ 70. But in recent days it has been growing with difficulty. I naturally hold dollars, now there is a 1% drawdown on them, but naturally we are not in Si futures, but in ordinary dollars, contracts and shoulders are not tight for us.

We are waiting for the situation to develop further, we are in no hurry, we just sit and wait, I wait for the markets below. Of the shares, only Aeroflot and Unipro were bought for a long term, there was also NCSP, but it was sold at a loss of 2%. Larry Williams won on the Russian market, expects a correction approximately from February 20, well, let’s see how it ends. They can hold out until expiration in March, but will everyone be allowed to leave so easily, that’s the question.

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