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❗️PUTIN called BAIDEN – old man, he needs a TEST!

Finally, something interesting begins to happen on the Russian market. The RTS index could not resist and broke through the triple top, but now, using Biden’s words about Putin, he is trying to test support, well, right on the right technique)) As if Putin called Biden and said that something is not growing correctly, too fast, let’s go to the old people tell me about the killer, but oh well, jokes with jokes)) In a couple of days it will be seen where the market is going, there are also sanctions on the way, funny or not?
We’ll see everything.

I personally sold all the dollars, bought speculatively Mvideo for a rebound, took Russneft for a long term at least until 2022 at 190. I bought NLMK at 215, dividends in it can be very good on the condition that steel prices remain high. In Aeroflot, he reduced his position, now it has only 2,850 units. I bought additional DVMP, I plan to buy it in addition to 25 thousand pieces.



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