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❗️Buy the Dip (RIP) – THOUGHT ALOUD

S & P500 again – Buy the Dip!

Each fall is redeemed again, fall and redeemed, but until the stake will it continue? Everyone has already believed that any fall must be redeemed and so on ad infinitum.

How many telegram channels and other resources have already opened, the authors of the sea on the same platform of the pulse. Fell bought / waited / grew / fixed, the theme is working – they invented a perpetual motion machine))

But what will they all do when the downtrend goes, say, in half a year? A year? The “working topic” will no longer work, I bought it on the correction, it grew after 5 days and sold it, after 5 days it will go even lower, and then even lower. These are thoughts aloud, it will be very interesting to look behind them.



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