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❗️ RTS sliding down BELOW! Stay away from TEKHOV !!!

We slide down the RTS index, the second top was not taken, in principle it is expected. Today I bought additional shares for a long-term period of Globaltrans, GC Samolet, Mechel. As the decline continues, VTB, Tatneft Prefecture, and FESCO are still to be bought. The share is now 43.97% in dollars, Globaltrans 16.75%, Aeroflot 13.32%, Aircraft Group 11.33%, Unipro 8.39%, Mechel 4.17%, cash 2.06%.

We sit further and do not twitch, waiting for interesting prices to sell the remaining dollars and there are 14 thousand dollars left (smart guys with a calculator immediately calculated how many depots are in shares 😆, don’t count a penny) and buy the shares mentioned above. The most important thing I would like to say to the newbies is, stay away from technology companies, your mother will not worry about them in the future, you will become an “investor” in them for 10 years, do you need it?

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