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❗️ CORRECTION S & P500, INFLATION, Fed washes its hands !!

The DXY dollar index on which many currencies depend, from the euro to the ruble, is feeling the bottom. After which it will go to 91 and this will just coincide with the correction in the markets, I expect a correction within 10% of the S & P500. If this also coincides with the withdrawal of incentives from the Fed and a possible increase in the rate, then the correction may not end by 10%, but go up to 20%.

Now the global problem for the Fed is inflation, and if it continues, then the Fed will have nothing to do but start raising the rate. They are even trying to reach an agreement with Iran to dilute the supply on the world oil market, so that even higher inflation does not start. And from oil prices of $ 100-120 per barrel, it will become simply unrealistic to keep inflation under the current conditions.



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